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Air Circuit Breakers

  • Product description: ACB DW45 660V Acb 3P 4P Universal Circuit Breaker Air Circuit Breakers

CW1 series universal circuit breaker(Hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker). rated current 200-1600A, rated working voltage AC 400V、690v. apply to AC 50Hz, It is mainly used for power distribution network. Used for distributing power. Protecting circuit and power supply equipment, be freed from overload, owe voltage, short circuit, the harm of single-phase grounded fault. This circuit breaker has artistic appearance, high breaking capacity, zero flash over. have a variety of intelligent protection function. Can be used as selective protection, action accurate, avoid unnecessary power outages.

enhance the reliability of power supply. This circuit breaker can be widely used in power stations. factories. mines and modern high-rise buildings.
Especially the power distribution system in the intelligent building, In wind power. solar power and other green project also has a wide range of applications.
Product can adopt upper wiring pattern or lower wiring pattern; draw-out type circuit breaker has isolation function.
Conform to the standard: GB14082.2、 IEC60947-2.
Ambient air temperature is-5℃~+40℃, the average temperature in 24h less than+35℃.
Noted: upper limit exceed+40℃ or lower limit below-5′℃ working conditions. the user should be negotiated with the factory.

♦The altitude of the installation site does not exceed 2000m.
♦Atmosphere relative humidity in the ambient air temperature is +40′℃ not exceed 50%: At lower temperature can have higher relative humidity; For example the wettest month average maximum relative humidity is 90%, meanwhile, the month average minimum temperature is 20℃+, Due to temperature change occasionally produce condensation special measures should be taken.
♦Polution levels for level3.

The circuit breaker’s Main circuit of installation category is V. When the main circuit of rated working voltage is less than or equal to AC400V. control circuit and auxiliary circuit of installation category except the Undervoltage tripping coil and intelligent controller of power supply transformer primary coil same as circuit breaker. The rest are all ll: When the main circuit of rated voltage is more than AC400V and less than or equal to AC690V. Control circuit and auxiliary circuit need isolation transformer to insulate with primary loop. And the maximum working voltage for control circuit and auxiliary circuit is AC400V. The installation category of control circuit and auxiliary circuit is ll.

Main technical parameters
Shell frame level Rated current


Rated current


Rated Insulating electric pressure


Rated working voltage


Rated limitation short circuit breaking capacity


Rated running short circuit breaking capacity


Rated short-time withstand current




Operation frequency(times/h)


Number of Operations

Mechanical life Electrical life



Arcing distance


Way of into line

Upper wiring pattern or lower wiring pattern

Net weight(3 poles/4 poles)

Fixed type Draw-out type



Size(3 poles/4 poles)

Fixed type


Height *width*depth

Draw-out type