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  • Single Fuse meter box fuse 15-60A
  • Single Fuse meter box fuse 15-60A
Single Fuse meter box fuse 15-60ASingle Fuse meter box fuse 15-60A

Single Fuse meter box fuse 15-60A

  • Product description: Single Fuse meter box fuse 15-60A manufacturer Cutout Fuse

Designed for IP43 rating and performance compliance with BS7656:1993.

◆ This version can be pole,cross arm or wall mounted,its compact size allowing optimised arrangements resulting in less obtrusive installations.

◆ Mechanical terminals with shear head bolts replace the studs usually associated with this type of cutout,eliminating the need for additional connecting lugs and specialised tools to ensure a simple,safe and effective joint.

◆ The terminals will accept solidor stranded aluminium and solid copper conductors in the range 70 to 300mm².An adaptor is available for 25/35mm² copper or aluminium conductors.

◆ The fuse carrier accepts J type fuselinks to BS88 rated up to 400A.

◆ With the PVC cable sealing grommets in place,the cutout is IP43 rated and has been designed to fully comply with the performance requirements specified in ◆ BS7656:1993 for LV pole mounting fuses.

◆ The enclosure is moulded in our own high performance,glass reinforced polyester,renowned and proven worldwide.

Compact design foroptimisedmounting arrangements.

Mechanical terminals require no additional lugs.

Shear bolts-needs no special tools.

Accepts aluminium and copper conductors between 70 and 300mm²

◆ FuselinksThis fused cutout is designed to accommodate standard wedge J type fuselinks to BS88 with 82 mm fixing centres.Standard fuselink ratings range from 20 to 400A.


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